duomo, florence

Florence studios develop web sites and e-commerce solutions, specializing in solutions for small companies.

The power of java

I work mainly as a java programmer and most of our web applications to date have been built using rock-solid java technology. They have tremendous flexibility for extension, they are secure and stable, and are powered by the very best tools on the web.

Our sites are hosted almost exclusively by Kattare (www.kattare.com) in North America, who, as specialist java, ruby and php hosts are rightly renowned for their excellent reliability and support.

We have developed our own content management system, written entirely in java, which can be loaded into any java-enabled web-application. Such a system enables our users to upload photographs to their site and update the content of their pages as they need. It also incorporates such features as being able to dynamically generate stock catalogues in PDF format and to export the content of the database to XML formatted files.

The speed of ruby

Without compromising the stability of the finished application, we have recently begun to explore other possibilities - mainly for reasons of speed of development (and consequently, therefore, cost). We are currently developing sites for customers in both PHP and a relatively new, but very exciting technology, Ruby on Rails.


We ruthlessly rid our web pages of any superflous effects so that they download at lightening speed on multiple web-enabled devices. Moreover, we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards, and go to pains to ensure the output of our sites is W3C compliant XHTML. We also work closely with our clients to help them develop the most cost-effective Search Engine Optimization strategy.

An international clientele

We speak Italian and Turkish in addition to English and are happy to produce material in any of these languages. We are based in Italy and are particularly keen to create a client base there, but nevertheless, I maintain strong connections with the UK and we have many satisfied customers there. We would be happy, therefore, to help you develop your web presence, wherever you are based.